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Letter H Logo

I was so late starting this because I'm getting ready for finals next week (oh so close to graduating...two more quarters to go!!!) I decided to go with a letter mark with H as my focal point, since H is the initial of my last name. My concept for this is an angular futuristic kind of look. So basically using different shapes and angles. Parallograms, trapezoids, triangles & all that stuff. So I sketched a couple of ideas to get the juices rolling and see where it takes me.


For the sketches above I trried sorts of ideas. I wanted to showcase the H and also incorporate the number 4, because my last name is just 4 letters. I used different ways to show the 4, even using the roman numeral IV. I chose the ones with the star beside them as final choices (numbers 3, 4, 9 and 15) until finally I chose this one:


It's simple yet effective and it easily shows the 4 and H as one. Afterwards I put it in Illustrator and here it is in all its glory:



I actually like how this turned out. I plan on tweaking this a bit and play around with this one and a few of the others I chose, but let me know what you guys think. Feedback's much welcomed and appreciated :)


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