Let's make this thang official.

I'm currently an I.C. soon to be business-owner (did I really just say that?)? 

So far I've been the ones signing the contracts. It's time to have one of my own. I'm not a freelancer per-say and some of my contracts don't have end deliverables so I realize there may be some tweaking to do for my contracts. 

Background: I work with online entrepreneurs who help others bring forth their greatest gifts on project. I am currently (loosely) titled a "Customer Happiness & Project Implementation Specialist" for one of my contracts. I also do consultations on organization and efficiency of the backend when it comes to running a business, and this is part of what I will offer my ongoing clients.

I will soon be offering a 1:1 "Let's Get Down and Dirty with Your Business" package. This will be offered as a chunk of my time available to you where I will look at the behind-the-scenes of your business and offer ideas and suggestions to streamline some of the process (beta-testing for this  begins April 28th). I plan to offer a separate contract  explaining my offerings and deliverables for this time spent. 

(Social media review/suggestions, website 

I am also working on my copy as we speak. 

Currently what I offer: 

Work may be purchased in 10-hour buckets. During a trial period of 30-45 days, they expire after 2 weeks. I do this for 2 reasons: 

  1. To give you a little push to send things my way and allow yourself to take some work off your plate.
  2. So I can predict my income and breathe a little, too. 

After a predetermined trial period ends, we will re-evaluate needs and a new contract will be signed. If it makes more sense to reserve 10 hours of my time for you each week, the bucket will expire weekly. If the workload remains roughly 5 hours a week, we will keep the buckets refilled on a bi-weekly basis. 

If the workload is particularly heavy one week (due to project launch, etc.), the bucket will be refilled upon expiring. 

Payment should be processed immiediately. An invoice will be submitted via Paypal and payment shall be processed immediately. 

There shall be no gaps in payment unless previously authorized. Contract work will be suspended until payment is made. 

If for some reason you will be out town or have no work for me for a particular week, let's talk about it. 30 days notice is required. This will give me an opportunity to supplement my income elsewhere.

If we are implementing a new system (i.e. online scheduling, e-commerce, plugins, etc.) some research may be necessary. While I am familiar with a few different options, time will be spent researching the best option for the context of your work.