Vadim Daschinsky

Let's make cartoons!



Let's make cartoon in wich we'll tell about your class.

   Hi Katrina! What a great class you've got! I like its name: Accomplish Outrageous Goals... I've got mahny Outrageous Goals )))

   Let us make cartoon in wich we'll tell about your class. You will choose for yurself cartoon character, and this character come to our cartoon show and tell about your class. It'll be Something like this video.

   Choose your caracter. May be we can use Zoella from this cartoon as your caracter? Do you like it?

   Let's think about the script. Create a project in my class for which you signed, and write there something like: "Hello, Vadim I want to make a cartoon character who would tell the world about my classes." We will be working in this project. I too will create a project in your class for better communication and we'll all be happy )))


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