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Solène Chartier

Self taught designer and illustrator



Let's give a modern twist to the 3 little pigs !

Hello there ! 

Great project, had a lot a fun doing it thank you so much Lisa !

so you'll see, i reeaally did a modern twist to the tale, not sure i would be selected for publishing.. but so what? i enjoyed it and hope you will too!

The email : (might not be super elaborate and refined.. but english is not my mother langage :) )


Now the rough N°1 :


Rough N°2 :

actually this one was my 1rst idea, and I think I'll go for this one


OK now the final !!

Wish i could have given more texture to the colors, whatever, i did not have huge amount of time to spend on it ! 

what do you think of the BIg Bad Wolf ? does he look bad enough?


I'll be glad to hear from any of you guys, I would love any advices you could give me ;)

I wish you have a great day




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