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Lets get to work

I'd like to think I'm pretty organized but when I look around my apartment it's a mess and all the fun hobbies I'd like to do collect dust. I have tried a bunch of different ways of staying on top of my to do lists but always failed at either keeping up with it, method didn't fit me, or I just plain avoid doing it because it was soo overwhelming. I have a lot going on between school, work, freelance projects, hobbies, friends, and keeping up with my home. I hope this system works for me and is something I can keep at.

Here are my results from the quiz. Thought I would have gotten better results...but I'm ready to improve!

Phase 1

So I feel pretty good about writing down all those "open loops" but I just can't help to think that I've forgotten something. I ended with 93...thought I would break 100 but luckily I'm just not that busy ;). 

Phase 2

Luckily for me I keep my email inbox pretty managed so it didn't take me that long to go through the couple hundred I had. I enjoyed being able to make a decision on what to do with each email and having "containers" to put them in felt productive. 

Have to say, having to re-type all those tasks in to next actionable was like having the rug pulled out from beneath me. lol It's really hard to think...like really think what is the exact next step. For example I do physical therapy exercises (well suppose to) there're three kinds so I put "do weights, do molding, wear brace" Maybe it would be "find time to do physical therapy"? I'm not really sure...suggestion?

May 24, 2014

Still working on phase 2. This is so frustrating. I feel a little lost to be honest. So I went through all my tasks and made them in to next actionable then went through and made project files based on them.. but not all my tasks pertain to a project.. so what do I do with them? Just leave them in my inbox? Not fully understanding the point of all the notebooks either... I'm just a ball of confusion and not really seeing the light at the tunnel today... feeling a little discouraged. 

May 25, 2014

I couldn't sleep last night so I spent a hour or so working on this system. I had already finished making my projects then it was on to Area of Responsibility. Blow you will see what area I created:

I had trouble trying to figure out what to do with the tasks that didn't really belong to a actual project but where just things I wanted to be sure to do. For example: shopping. There are things that I want to buy but that aren't for any project..just because I want them so I made that an area because there was any end goal for those but I still wanted to keep up on them. After that I still had a good amount of task with no more that where just Leisure tasks (ie. read book, look through magz, etc) so I thought that just an area for Personal Miscellaneous would fix that problem..not sure if it's the right thing to do...but whatever. 

On to making tags. I really like the idea of tags so that you can quickly find a task to fit in the time you have available, but what are those tags for me? I'm a freelance designer as well as a student and I just feel like this could get really confusing.. Below are tags that I think might work for me: 

Place: Home, school, work, daily commute, and errand

Time: <1hr, <2hrs, <30min <15min

Priority: High, med, low, none

Time of day: Morning, afternoon, and evening 

Would love to see examples of other peoples tag systems!

May 28, 2014

Ok! so I have tagged everything and have been using the system  for a few days and so far so good..

I LOVE TAGGING....like everything!! I'm using ToDoist and unlike Things there isn't a "next action" section which I thought would be helpful for me because I like to write all the tasks needing to get done for one project at a time. So to solve this need I just added a @next tag in the task that had to happen before anything else does. By doing this I'm able to search @next + whatever else I want (time,location,etc) and find the best task. 

I want to figure out how to incorperate my someday tasks into my workflow. I'm finding that because I prioritize my school/work tasks as P1 & P2 I may never get to my somedays. Maybe I'll dedicate a day a week/month to these tasks? "Someday Sunday's" 

I'm averaging about 9 tasks a day. I'm no power house yet..but I can see me getting there one day.


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