Let's get those Spoons RRRRRRROckin

Let's get those Spoons RRRRRRROckin - student project

I've seen loads of creative spoon players over the years. My favorites use the spoons in different ways playing along to music you don't expect - Techno anyone? Hip Hop? Prog Metal? All possible.

Techno spoon player here!

But you need to walk before you can run. Hopefully you've had fun on the course now I'd like you to take a few of the concepts we've covered maybe 1/16th notes and the rake? or maybe 1/8th notes double hits and triplets and apply them to a song you choose to polay along with. When you have something you are comfortable with record it and post it here. Grab your phone or camera and record a bit of your playing so we can see what you've achieved :) Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with


Let's get those Spoons RRRRRRROckin - image 1 - student project