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Hélène Van der Laag

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Let's get my business out there!

Hi everyone!

I am working as a surface pattern designer for less than a year now. I've changed the name of my company twice and so did my url. Now it is time to create something lasting and recognizable that shows me and my business and attracts my perfect customer.


sensitive - nature loving - spiritual - love for (water)colors - energetic - want to be inspirational


(surface) (pattern) design or whatever needs a beautiful composition of images and colors

online magazines for job applications


website - agent - instagram - license - skillshare  - tradefairs - Jovoto - PinkStudio - Soc6


agent - PatternObserver - mouth to mouth - social media - features in local news(papers)- cold calling - Spoonflower - Jovoto

My perfect customer:

Mia - late 40's - woman - mother of three - living together with husband in the outskirts of a larger town - nature nearby and the thrill of the city within reach - she is a self supporting lady who knows what she wants - she expect quality products that are honest - her personality shines and she's not afraid to show her true colors - her interior mirrors here style and she is not afraid to make a bold statement with it - 

Till so far. Will be updated soon!


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