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Let's get binding: Crafting your own unique sketchbooks

Hey, guys! This will be my very first time teaching a class here at Skillshare. So every tip you guys can give me would be awesome.

I've chosen a topic I am very passionate about: bookbinding. 

I've decided to give a class for beginners, people who always wondered how to bookbind, but never knew where to start. So to keep it simple, I thought I'd show on my tutorials at least two types of stitches and the kinds of sketchbooks you can craft with them. My idea is to show the materials and teach the techniques so that the students can come up with something personalized, that represents them or something they can give to a loved one.


Let's be binders: Crafting your own unique sketchbooks


Have you ever browsed through pinterest or instagram and wondered how people made such amazing and beautiful books? Well, they gotta have started this is where this class comes in. Instead of showing you the most complex types of stitches and bindings (which could be confusing), I'm going to start with the basics, teaching you simple styles of bookbinding so you can come up with amazing results. I am also going to show you how to incorporate almost any material to your project. Keeping it simple and fun is the key to this class!


In the class videos I'll teach at least two types of bindings (two types of sewing paper sheets).

- Long Stitch binding (and variations): allows you to create moleskine type sketchbooks;

- Japanese binding (and variations): allows you to create photo albums and bigger sketchbooks.


For this class, I'll ask the student's to craft at least one sketchbook using one of the sewing techniques I'll teach, and to incorporate something that represents their personalities into their crafting either by using a different material, or by drawing a cover illustration making their sketchbooks unique.

Deliverable: At least one moleskine type sketchbook (long-stitch binding) that incorporates something you love in the design.


I'll be providing a list of references and instagram pages to follow, such as my own anamebooks and my bookbinding pinterest board  . On top of that, a list of possible materials.

I'll be creating a specific board on pinterest for this class and I'll update the link here shortly.

I think my biggest challenges will be recording, since this is not a class I can give using screencast, and translating the materials names, measurements and the tutorial's steps to english.

I really hope you guys enjoy my class idea and that you have some inputs and tips for me!



It's finally published!! I can't believe I actually made it till the end!


You can check it out and enroll through the links:

Free member link

Premium member link

Please enroll and have fun!



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