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Faye Albayda

Freelance Graphic Designer



Let's do this! :)

Thank you, Teela, for this fun and informative class!  I really enjoyed watching the videos and doing the project!

First up, colour inspiration... I just chose the colours based on what I felt like using that day... at first I was drawn to yellow, green and blue...  I didn't like how it turned out, so for the next ones, I used blue, violet and red.  Below is the scanned original work:


Then, I adjusted the colours on photoshop. I made only a slight adjustment, because I thought the colours were already strong on the original scanned version:


Then, I removed the white background.  Putting a different coloured background underneath really helped!


And finally, the best part... the texture at work!! I was feeling motivated that day, so I chose the message "Let's do this!". :)  I used the blue and violet one at the center :)


I thought a pink colour might be more appropriate for the message, as it's meant to be energetic and happy.  So I changed the colour on Photoshop by adding a hue/saturation adjustment layer.



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