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Lets build habits.. from 1% to + 3,721%

As a graduate of Tiago's GTD Skillshare course I have learned many fascinating perspectives regarding productivty. 

                                                  Unfortunatley I have a problem. 

GTD is absolutely fantastic. (If you have not taken the class, then take it. Your stress levels and mental psyche will love you for it.)  My main problem- I'm not doing the daily, weekly or monthly review. This is a serious issue. I have undergone the immense learning curve that is GTD, listened to lectures from Tiago, lectures from David Allen, graphically designed thorough notes from the Skillshare course, designed my own hybrid "Stuff" workflow (combination of Tiago's & GTD work flow) and read Getting Things Done by David Allen. 


Hence my pressence in this course. I am here becasue I haven't gotten a cavity for the past 5 years. Why? I floss & brush my teeth every day and night. I don't like to floss. I don't like to brush. Toothpast leaves my mouth dry and minty. This is uncomfortable especially before bed. In fact I keep a full cup of water by my bed to take several gulps to wash away the taste. 

I dont like brushing my teeth. I fucking LOVE brushing my teeth.  I have not gotten a cavity in 5+ years!!! That's amazing. Even though there are some uncomfortable aspects to this I have entierly internalized the benefit of this fantastic habit. 

I am now here in the Tiago's Habit Forming Dojo. 

My goal(s) for this course:


1) Make a habit of Daily Review for GTD

Once this attained:

~ Make habit for Weekly Review

~ Make habit for Monthly Review

~ Make habit for Cleaning out Reference Materials

2) Provide myself with a template to cultivate Habits for the rest of my life

Wish me luck >:)

~ Mr. Light 


Project update 1:

~ Take a few minutes to Identify your new habit, phrased as a short, specific, repeatable routine My new habit:

+  complete GTD daily review everyday >:) This is short, specific, repeatable, and daily (hence daily review)

~ Download habit loop 2.0 PDF & fill in space #1:

- Complete GTD daily review everyday. 


~ Post work to project work space (see project guide for specific instructions)




Project Update 2:

~ Take a moment to choose a trigger, fill out space #2 on template and post results to workspace

+ can pick secondary trigger to give you a second chance incase you miss the first one

Done >:)


Project Update 3:

~Take a moment to choose your reward for completing your habit - fill it in habit template and post results to work space.

+ Clap hands together, yell HELL YEA, eat trail mix, play current favorite song (otherside by RHCP) 

DONE >:)


Project Update 4: ( Wed, 1/6/15)

~ Choose a reminder

+ Wake up at 6,

-Set alarm for 6:15am

- HL 2.0 posted next to computer and on iPhone background

- Lyft activates at 6:00pm (only activates if I haven’t checked in yet) 

DONE >:)


~ Project Update 5: State your Implementation behaviors: (Sun 1/10/16)

When I wake up and get out of bed, I will complete my GTD daily review, because I am the type of person who is values mental organization, being perpared, understanding exaclty what needs to be done and the direction I am headed.

DONE >:)


Project Update 6: Make your habit easy to start by identifying your small wins - Fill out space #6 im HL2.0 by identifying in advance what the easier options will be - write the full version of your habit at the top of the box & on each subsequent line an easier version (Mon 1/11/16)

1. Complete GTD daily review, everyday

2. Open things and pour out open loops

3. Clear Computer desktop

4. Clear physical desktop

5. Turn on computer

6. Get out of bed

7. Do I love myself practice

8. Think about how GTD will help my productivty.

DONE >:)


Project Update 7: Identify your loopholes and start thinking about closers for each one (Tues 1/12/16)

+ Cut the cords

+ I love myself, I am enough, I have enough, I do enough

+ I am intelligent

+ I am capable of doing this

+ I made a commitment to do this

+ I will FEEL way better if I get this done

+ I am doing this to get 1% better, just focus on the 1%

+ I understand that I will die and all of this will end, but I CHOOSE to LIVE hard while I am here. not sloppliy exist

+ Have internal integrity

+Objectively look at your stifiling emotions

Done >:)


Project Update 8: Modify your enviorment to make your habit as easy as possible

-computer already open with things up (do this before I go to bed)

-but new comfortable chair

-ensure that computer has space, is charged, that moitors are working, keyboard is good, wireless mouse has batteries

-have routine for having things open each morning

-current bottleknecks is sitting in chair

- my back hurting - inability to focus

- turn on pomo timer - put computer on do not distrub

- phone on airplane mode

- mimimize back strains by regularly rolling out back

- lay out comfortable clothes

Done >:)


Project Update 9: Choose a habit tracking approach and tool - either tracking success, incompletes or both -

fill in space # 9 in template along with the space you will use

For successes: will use Lift App (morning GTD)

Incompletes: Reporter App, with specific questions for risk factors

Done >:)


Project Step 10: Select Accountability System 

Fill in space #10

-Send text to Project U accountability partner ,

- Give accountability partner $50 at beginning of month, if you dont send text saying you completed habit every- day, they keep money

DONE >:)



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