Let's be active and get those projects real!!!


Hello everyone,

I am Justine and I justed started the class ( a week after signing up! ). I don't know if it is because I knew I signed up for this class but this past couple of days I got stuff done much more quicker, so let's hope that this good energy will stay!!! 

I signed up for the main reason being that I always have tons of ideas in my head for my  career/life/home/leisure but only do so little!!! My friends always tell me how great my ideas are and how wonderful that I can think so much, but I think it is time now to get things done!!!!! However between my 3 jobs, my boyfriend, my social life and my lazy time I find it hard to really pursue my dreams/interests, so here I am! 

Here is the screen shot of my result to the test: 

I obviously get to work hard on the first phase!!!! Let's get started!!! 


I know it is nearly a month but I ve been busy doing lots of things!!! I decided to go with Todoist and evernote. At the begining it was hard to put all my thoughts on todoist but I made huge progress! I also spent 4 days cleaning my mail box and I keep doing it regularly! I also managed to create area and projects ( I cant really do it like in things but it is pretty similar) I also need to download Todoist on my blackberry ( somehow my google play is not set properly...) And I chose to have a notebook at work to note everything I need to do during the day. Next step is to find a nice container for my paper work on my desk! 

Even if I am still at phase 2 ( still need to set up evernote ) I can see a big change! I managed to finally find other little jobs I wanted to apply for, I have more time to pamper myself which didn't happen in ages! My life is less stressful and my projects can finally see the light! 


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