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Alessandra Barbosa

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Let's Travel to Tokyo

I recently watched one of my favorite movies, Lost in Translation, which rekindled a curiosity and admiration for the country of Japan. From its refined design infuence, bold public pranks and famous sushi chefs, I'm fascinated by the wealth of culture this island country seems to encapsulate. I've chosen a vintage travel poster from the 1950s to stay within the copyright guidelines. A google search tells me it was produced for the KLM Royal Dutch Airways in the 1950s (and might explain the spelling of Tokio).

I'm a beginner in Illustrator, though very familiar with its sister software, Adobe Photoshop.

I admit I'm a little intimidated but ready to dive in with Brad's help!


Form Building Lesson Update (10.22.13)

I made most of the forms in the picture using the pen tool since I didn't see too many simple shapes within the silhouette. I also learned how to make a striped pattern on the bottom using shapes and a clipping mask. The trickiest part of this stage was getting the curves on the hair and face just right.  

Next, I'll work on adding more of the detailed patterns on the kimono and bouquet. I have no idea where to start so looking forward to the next few videos. d7187f48

Using the blob brush tool was hugely helpful for the floral details:


Blob brush came in handy once more for the pattern details and mountain. I used the gradient tool for the background colors. c6c4172c

Final project completed. I had to make some modifications to fonts due to what I had on my cmoputer. Overall, it was a great way to get familiar with Illustrator.



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