Let's Take on a Role

One of the things we can always do as actors is practice our craft. I would often take on a new role every month that I would start to immerse myself in even if I hadn't been cast as a character. By working on my process of getting into character I kept my instrument tuned to the needs of working professionally. So let's do the same! 

Pick a role you've always wanted to play and one where you have access to the script. For the sake of our exercise, ensure there is a monologue or scene that you will be able to film by the time we are done. 

Throughout the class, you'll learn techniques you can apply to this role and by the end of our course, you can record your own performance and share it with the group. 

In order to complete this project you must;

  • Pick a role you'd like to work on during this time. 
  • Memorize a scene or monologue you can perform from that role.
  • Use the techniques and methods discussed in class to fully immerse yourself in the role. 
  • Record the monologue or scene and upload to the group!