Let's Move to Paris

Let's Move to Paris - student project

Inspiration sources:

The phrase I selected was inspired by my obsession with travel and especially PARIS!

The style of type was inspired by my love of sans serif. I also like the work by Sergey Grigoryanon Dribble:

link: Whole Foods Kitchen Branding by Sergey Grigoryan

Let's Move to Paris - image 1 - student project

My Project Notes:

• I did some very rough sketches on paper to figure out the layout, but my project was done on a Cintiq using Photoshop and the brush tool. 

• I need to work more on the flourishes. I kinda went wild there...

Here it is:

Let's Move to Paris - image 2 - student project

Chris Olson

Illustrator & Designer at ChrisCocoMedia.com