Cheri Turk

Artist - Illustrator



Let's Make a SPLASH! With Inking, Photoshop, & Paint

Making a SPLASH Turtle Painting Intro with Cheri Turk


Making a SPLASH painting is fun!  Hi I’m Cheri Turk - artist/illustrator and creator of these energetic paintings. I’ve set this class up as an instructional project class so you can follow along with me and make a SPLASH PAINTING of your very own.

I’ll walk and talk you through the process of combining your drawing, inking, Photoshop, and painting skills, from the very beginning to the end. Along the way I’ll share tips and tricks, and the techniques I use. When we are done you should have a few SPLASH paintings to frame, sell, give away, and of course hang the best one on your wall.

This class is perfect for artist/illustrators/crafters and make-a-mess painters who like to draw-paint-and create.

*Please note, for this class we will use traditional drawing materials, as well as Photoshop, and acrylic or watercolor paint.


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