Let's Learn About Me!

Habit Personality Type:

  • Upholder     6 Very strong tendency
  • Questioner  7 Extremely strong tendency
  • Rebel          4 Moderate tendency
  • Obliger        5 Strong tendency

Why did I sign up for this class?

I'm a recent college graduate, and I want to get back into the habit of keeping a good  journal. Something I can look back on and really learn something about myself from. I want to be able to see myself change/grow throughout the year. I've putting it off, and I thought this class would help with that!

What has been your most successful good habit in the past?

My most successful habit so far has been doing something 'productive' during my lunch breaks. I either read a chapter from my book (usually fiction) or complete a couple videos from an online course/work on an online course assignment. It makes me feel productive throughout the day, and I'm hoping those 30 minutes a day add up!

1. Habit

  • Write a daily journal entry that includes one thing I learned, a photo, and my current song.
  • Begin Date: Monday 11/12/14
  • End Date: Thursday 11/30/14

2. Trigger

After I brush my teeth and before I set my alarm

3. Reward

External - Fist pump into the air

Internal - Play a victory music clip from Final Fantasy VII

4. Reminders

Alert via Lift app @10pm

5. Intentions

When I have brushed my teeth I will write a journal entry because I believe that self reflection will help me become more understanding and resourceful.

6. Small Wins

  • Write a daily journal entry that includes one thing I learned, a photo, and my current song.
  • Write a daily journal entry that includes one thing I learned, and my current song.
  • Write a daily journal entry that includes one thing I learned.
  • Log in and submit an empty post as my journal entry.
  • (declare victory!!!)

7. Closers.

Avoid the following loopholes:

  1. Moral Licensing - My entry yesterday was so lengthy, I won't need to write one today.
  2. Lack of Control - My day has been so busy and I'm so sleepy, I'll just skip this entry.
  3. Planning to Fail - I'm going to close my eyes in bed, since it will help me think better.
  4. This Doesn't Count - Weekends are for relaxing, I don't need to write today.
  5. Questionable Assumption - I can't write an entry unless I have an amazing photo to go with it.
  6. Fake Self-Actualization - Life is short; I should just be happy with myself the way I am.
  7. One Coin (action is inconsequential) - One missed entry won't make a difference.

With these closers:

  1. The habit of writing an entry everyday is a gateway to many more healthy habits.
  2. It is precisely the days that I am so busy that I need reflection.
  3. I will really benefit from the consistency of a journal entry.
  4. An okay photo is better than no photo. Also, this will make me think creatively about my day!
  5. Life is short - which is exactly why I should better understand who I am and where I want to go.

8. Environment

  1. Keep a notepad in my phone case pocket to jot down notes throughout the day for my entry.
  2. Set up some reminders to take photos throughout the day so I have my photo ready when I write.

9. Habit Tracking

  • Success Tracking - Lift
  • Incompletes Tracking - Reporter

10. Accountability

  • Keeping track via Lift app
  • Consequence is cleaning one room (bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom)

11. Evaluating Results

  • Completion Percentage: X/21 Days
  • What did you learn?
  • What surprised you?
  • What would I change?


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