Preedee Chenhansa

IT Consultant



Lets Hangout Mobile Application


I am building an app that will allow busy professionals to plan events more easily by providing a free service to send invites to friends and organize events.

Lets Hangout is simple idea a friend and I have for a mobile app that will make it easier to organize casual group outings.  In under a minute we want to send out an event invitation to our phone contacts and Facebook friends and then wait a few hours to get their responses.  No more text messages, phone calls, or emails to follow up on invitees.

Who is the user?  Busy professionals who enjoy going to group outings, such as happy hour, eating out, sporting events, etc.

Why are they using your product?  Because they are tired of organizing events through text messages, phone calls and emails, and they don’t want to go through the formality of evites, Facebook events, etc.

What benefit does it have for them?  Quick and easy event planning for casual events.

What problem is it solving for them?  No more wondering if John or Jane can come.  Send them a simple invite and reminders for a quick response.

Why did they pick it up?  They are tech savvy and don’t mind taking a risk on an app that could increase their productivity.

How did they hear about it?  They found the app in a featured collection or got invited to an event through the app.

What’s better?  Convenience – they aren’t discouraged to set up events because of the need to follow up with invitees.  Lets Hangout will send out reminders with a press of a button.

Why are they using it instead of the competition?  The competition is not as simple as Lets Hangout.  Lets Hangout will thrive to be the simplest and most aesthetic application for event planning.

When do they use it?  They use it when they want to get together with friends for an impromptu outing.

Where do they use it?  They use it wherever they want – in the office, during lunch, etc.

How long do they use it for?  Lets Hangout goal is to allow a user to plan an event in less than 1 minute.  For invitees, responding will only take a few seconds.

How much value does it bring them?  Lets Hangout provides time savings through simplicity.


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