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Let's Go All In

Here is all the work and process discerned from going through Mary Kate McDevitt's Hand Lettering Essentials for Beginners online class. I look forward to "Going All In" to her next video course series which I believe will take this ink-work forward into scanned/color finality.

Here's the final inked drawing for those that like to jump right to that:



Now here's the progression of process order I created to mimic her process shown this round: 



Some word list play of both physical and abstract ideas I think of with my phrase.



Some quick inspirational images to coincide with my word list. Though I believe much of this will come more into play with the latter scanning/texture/color class she has next. 



Let's do this shall we? #BadPunsYes



Quick roughs for layout thoughts.



First more sizable rough sketch, no rulers yet, just roughing in lines and scale ideas.



As it got more refined I needed extra sheets to mirror-reflect my accent details more evenly and troubley-shoot what I did or didn't like as much.



Drawing, re-drawing, overlaying, trace-fixing certain parts, continued play with others. Deciding where to break edges for asymmetry "action" and where to let it 'rest' and offer balance.



And back to the final you saw at the beginning of this page.

Let's Go into the next round. I'll post there when it is complete.


Thanks for staying with me if you read this far!


P.S. I love these newer, thinner, LIGHTER, brighter portable LED light table-boxes. Just sayin'...



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