Let's Get Personal: Design A Space That Feels Like You!

Let's Get Personal: Design A Space That Feels Like You! - student project

Hello Everyone,

I am Talar and i'm an Interior Designer and a self taught artist/illustrator. I have been on Skillshare for a while now and I decided that it's time to give teaching a try!


You will learn:

This lesson is about designing any space in your home , or maybe your office in a more personalized way. It involves  thinking about your likes and dislikes, some color therapy , a bit of styling and  tips and tricks for your walls , floors and lighting. I will be guiding you on how to find your personal style and make any space feel like YOU and creating a visual note of that in the shape of a mood board , to make the decorating /design process easier.


Who is this class for?

It is for anyone who wants to make that bold move and change up a space he /she has been dreading over. Also for everyone who would like to explore in basic ideas of decorating any space according to his/her lifestyle.



Class Project

Make a mood board out of YOU!

Project Description

Yay ! You made it till the end!

It's time to pour in all your creative sparks into a mood board.

Here is how you can begin :

Step 1: Decide on a space you would like to personalize it into YOU!

Step 2: Go on to Google or Pinterest and do a quick research on one or two of the styles that tickled your interest. ( If you found some other style that wasn't mentioned during the class , please go ahead and feel free to embed it to your research).

Step 3: Create a list of Do's & Dont's to guide your process ( in terms of colors , texture or patterns)

Step 4: Create a color scheme for the space

Step 5: Making of the Mood board  

-Collect images related to your space in terms of :

-Color scheme (paint or wallpaper )

-Images of furniture from the styles you have considered.

-Patterns (Wallpaper , throw cushions , tiling )


-Light fittings


-Start layering the images:

1) lighting , at the top area of the slide/page

2)furniture ; at the center of the slide/page

3)flooring : at the bottom of the slide/page

Step 6: Share your project in JPG format in the project gallery to inspire other students and let's all get to know the designer in YOU !


Tools needed:

- Any presentation software like power point to create a presentation or you can simply use Photoshop or Illustrator.

-pen and paper.

 - You can create the mood board manually by printing the images needed and placing them on any type of wooden board or cork board.


To view the class outline click on the below link:


Would love to hear your feedback!

Talar Tokajian
Artist & Interior Designer