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Let's Get Lost


Lets-Get-Lost.com is a visually-driven travel blog of recommendations & art to inspire and accompany my wanderings (and hopefully yours), whether they are digital or physical. One part travel journal, one part collection of musings and curiosities.

For all the planning in the world, sometimes the best part is getting lost.

It is run by Una Janicijevic, an avid traveller and art director based in Toronto.


1. Who is your target audience?
Travel lovers looking for recommendations and inspiration. (urban/20-40yo)

2. What’s your main topic?
Independent travel. Travel photography.

3. Related topics?
Travel-related art. Archival photography. Travel gifts/gear.

4. When/how frequently do you post?
I post once a week, occasionally more. But I’d like to increase that to a solid twice a week. A big/indepth post on Sunday morning. A shorter post on Wednesday morning.

5. Why do you want people to read your blog?
I’d like to build a community of like-minded travellers and share my stories and inspiration. It would be great if Let's Get Lost became a resource of information as well.


1. Set up Google Analytics 
(previously I was using Jetpack and Bravenet)

2. Increase the number of comments
Currently quite low. Try to figure out why.

3. Increase monthly unique visitors
Right now: about 1800/month
Goal: 3000/month

4. Post twice/week

5. Track shares/pins and boost

6. Pave the way for small-scale advertising in the sidebar


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Let's Get Lost, a travel blog.
Ideas & inspiration for the independent traveler. Trip photos & advice. Travel gifts & gear. Archival travel art. Curated by Una Janicijevic

Travel ideas, travel blog, art of travel, gift ideas, travel gear, travel photos, world travel, 


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