Sean Pollock

CEO of Doughboy Soldier Apparel



Let's Do this like Brutus

Hey, Hope  I'm not dating myself by naming my project this and quoting the Great sometimes misunderstood/ strange Kool Keith. Was gonna titlle this project "Let's Hurry Up and Procrastinate" But it didn't quite flow off my tongue correctly.  I hope this work cause I am a super procrastinator. I would lie to myself and say I do my best work under pressure. This is my..... Well let's not count.. just I completed one skillshare class exactly on the deadline  but I must add I did all the tasks required on the same day of the deadline so it wasn't my best work.

Truthfully I know what I want just sooo much still in my brain and never have enough time to lay it out properly. Then things get so cluttered that now I can't figure out where to start so hopefully this helps set things in a new clear clutter free direction.


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