Let's Do This

Let's Do This - student project

Hi, Margot!

I'm an artist/jack-of-all-trades at the beginning of a freelance career, so I haven't had a need for a contract yet. This is a very basic draft using generalities and some personal preferences, at least until I know better how each project would flow. And a decent bio/headshot photo is absolutely on the to-do list. :)

Tina Jett's contract draft

I did have a couple questions:

  • During the questionnaire and discussion phase, when you'd determine if the project is right for you and the client, and that it can, in fact, be physically accomplished, would you charge for this? What if you had to spend time revising the contract? I assumed no, since you aren't 100% sure that you'd even begin working on the project. 
  • Under "Usage & Licensing", I added this blurb, based on the additional considerations you recently forwarded to us. Does this sound ok? -- "I retain the right to deny use of work created under this agreement for projects or products that may prejudice or slander my name and/or reputation by association." -- I also assume that you'd know whether or not this was going to be an issue before you got underway, unless you were doing the work-for-hire thing, where they didn't use your name anyway.

Thank you so much for offering this class... Without having an agent, this is fantastic to have!


Tina Jett

Artist & Vintage Dealer