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Let's Do This Thing!

I'm not really new to lettering and have been practicing for about 3 yrs. Rusty because the past few months have been quite busy and the chalk was a nice diversion from ink. 

The quote is from one of my favorite relax-shows. Those things you watch when you just need a break from being an adult. lol. I was looking for an inspirational quote to represent today. Why? Because today, after what feels like forever dreaming, I officially started my design business. When I say official I mean that today I told the government that I exist and registered as a Sole Prop. and I opened a business bank account. Anyway.... This quote perfectly summed up my feelings. Excitement to get this show started but also (if you watch the episode that it's said *no spoilers I promise) it expresses my feelings of 'oh wow, this is really happening, I don't have anything eloquent to say to commemorate). 

My Process:


Usually I get sucked into a rabbit hole looking for inspiration and end up on the other side with too many ideas and major cereal aisle anxiety. Aka, the quote I was loving stays as just chicken scratch in my notebook and never gets nicely lettered out. For this one I did not collect any inspiration. Just went with what was in my head.

So for this one, I looked up the quote and didn't bother with inspiration. I gave myself exactly 1 hr to complete this so that my schedule would stay on track for the day. I sketched it out to proportion as Lauren instructed and found that I preferred an angled look for the words. From there I vaguely doodled in some swirls and details but ultimately decided to wait till I had the chalk to fill in the space.

Here's the completed piece and a timelapse video of the process.

*Thanks for the class Lauren! Loved seeing your process. Your teaching giggle made me realize I have a friend in Chicago that's a LOT like you. Made me smile :)

Finishing Notes:

I need to practice centering on the chalk board. The main part is far left. Also, I don't like the spacing of the L and D. Maybe next time hook it through the D like I'd originally tried. 

I've never like how my cursive T's turn out. Any suggestions on what I could change? All constructive criticism welcome!



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