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Let's Do This! 2014

I've only just watched the first video here, but I am ready to stop being a serial procrastinator.

I'm so bad, I signed up for this course for free on Reddit probably 2 months ago and have just now gotten around to taking the 5 minutes it takes to go this far.

I'm self-employed, with the talent, skills, and knowledge to be making a lot of money and creating a lot of really cool things on the internet.  But I have zero willpower - and I don't do anything productive with my days.  Deadlines would be piling up around me right now, if I had ever bothered to set any for myself.

But no more!  I have a To Do list for this week a mile long, and I figured this would be a great start to adopting a more proven, well-thought-out approach to tackling this big long list of stuff.


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