Let our Love Sprout - a work in progress | Skillshare Projects

Victor Szepessy

Artist and Illustrator



Let our Love Sprout - a work in progress

This is a work in progress. I'm still just in the sketching stage of the project, due to only being used to working by hand. However, I have downloaded GIMP and have learned the basics, so I'm hoping to finish the actual poster soon. I worked through all the stages you recommended. The day I started this, I got my veg box delivery and in it was a stalk of brussel sprouts. I had no idea they came like this and was fascinated. I actually draw a lot of food stuff: pumpkins, persimmon fruit, sunflower seeds, lantern fruit etc. So, I am working on cutting out and creating files of these separately, they way you instructed in the class, and then I'll be able to edit with them independently. Hopefully, I will finish and upload the completed project soon.





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