Let me be me

Let me be me - student project

The phrase is "Just let me be me"

I would like to show a change, an evolution of the lettering to show the idea of getting freedom. I star with a solid and very sticky letter in "JUST". Then in "let me" I use a type a bit rounded, bended,... the nex part is "Be" with a totally script letter and ending with "ME" done ussing Tombow pens, totally freestyle.

The struip with the words "love, ride, enjoy" gives other endings to the sentences "just let me love, enjoy, ride"... be me! :)

In the image you can see the first sketch, and modified in photoshop, enlarging the "ME" word, and moving the strip around the T. Also I' testing diferent methods to add relief on "just", drawing shadows with lines. I coulde also use gothic font to do it more "bad".

I love Jason Carne style I would like to do something similar to his works.

Thanks.Let me be me - image 1 - student project