Let it go

Let it go - student project

Let it go. Found this in one of my many doodle journals and thought to refine it. It's a rough draft but I wanted to represent the act of letting go through the letters. 

Let it go - image 1 - student project

3/20/13: Progressing

Here's my second real attempt at "Let it go." And then I got carried away by another idea and now it's an inner debate on which I'd like to pursue. "Let it Go" or "Moonshine"?

Let it go - image 2 - student project

Let it go - image 3 - student project


Decided to stick with Let It Go. It's not complete, but here's how it's transformed on Illustrator. A slow work in progress. I enhanced the concept by turning the words into branches...with leaves flying away.

Let it go - image 4 - student project