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Let it flow

As a avid follower of Katie Rodgers/Paper Fashion's art, it was a true bliss when I found this course, as well as her other course. Watercolour has always been risky for me, since I am not particularly keen on letting anything just flow in its own way without control. 
But who can resist a bit of watercolour?

As a penurious student of English Literature, I was forced to try out different techniques  on only 1 paper, not realizing that in any point I might have to upload my progress.
Therefore, from top left to bottom right the shoes are: suede oxford flat, sequin sandal that is actually black but two black shoes seemed bad for practice, the black patent leather pump, and a variety of technique blobs Ms Rodgers mentions in her class. I used only the shoes I own, anything else seemed silly to me.


Here is a close up of that messy looking black pump.


On the other hand, no matter how bad the first projects look, I think that the final project, the illustration of my favorite shoe, which I wore on prom, turned out rather well.
The Zara shoe itself has a watercoloury texture to it, like it was painted, so I simply soaked the paper and the rest was easy. 


Thanks for your attention! 


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