Let it Rain

Let it Rain - student project

Hello, everybody!

I enrolled at this class yesterday and I really enjoyed the videos and the techniques taught. So I've tried to make my own 4 panel comic.

I started drawing some characters using basic forms. One of my favorite forms is the shape of a drop. So I decided that my characters would have this form. Also, it's a rainy day here, so I've also decided that the history should involve rain.

Then, I started to think of a game to play in the history. And I asked: if the drops do not want to jump and rain? And for the end of the comic, I choose to show the consequences of the game. So, without any more spoilers, here is the comic strip:

Let it Rain - image 1 - student project

So, what do you think? And sorry if I wrote something wrong, my english is not so good.