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Lauren Hodges

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Let it Go!

Day One: I couldn't help doing another project for this class. I really learned SO much from it! I've decided to do something I think everyone will appreciate! Here is a sneak peak to my next illustration. Hint: Do you want to build a snowman? I've been really inspired by work from Claire Hummel. If you haven't seen her work on Behance, you should definitely check it out! I want to do something similar to her Disney princess work where she takes Disney characters and makers them much more detailed. So far I'm still in the vectoring stage. I plan to take my own spin on her outfit and lavish her up with some awesome textures! I really want to put a lot of detail into her!

Day Two: So I've got her basic colors blocked in. I think she's ready for some detail and texture! I really want to bring in some of the cultural aspect of this character in the detail while still portraying the cold/frozen/snowy qualities.

Day Two Continued: So I've got a lot of her dress detail squared away. Lots to do still! I'm thinking of adding some scrollwork snowflakes between the bottom two tiers, but I'm afraid it'll be too much. Especially when I haven't added the detail work to the cape/veil. Still need to add detail to the arms and head. Haven't done anything with those yet. I also want to add a subtle background.

Last Day: I finally pulled it all together! Added textures and background. I'm really happy with it :D


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