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"Let curiosity kill me. I'm with the cat"

I was so inspired by the class I just finished another design I wrote and drew too. Just thought I'd share it. It was fun!


Update Monday, June 10, 2013

I got my tshirt and bag in the mail today. Thanks everyone for your advice and help. I can't wait to start a new design. I ordered a few lettering books too.

Updated Tuesday, June 4



I put my design on Society 6 so you can order a t-shirt, sweatshirt, print or tote bag if you like. I don't make but like 1-2 dollars a shirt on this site but for now it is a place to share it where you can order your own size. I have ordered one myself and I will let you know how it looks first if you want one but want to wait to be sure.

(NOTE: Choose Black - Blue is a choice BUT I do NOT recommend it because I'm not sure that some of the black around the white might print which could look odd.)


Updated Monday June 3

I tried cleaned up more of the lines in Illustrator. Here's a new version. Still few things I need to work out.

Updated Monday May 27

Okay I worked this some more based feedback and curious what you think of the piece at this stage. Thanks for all the help. 

Updated Sunday May 26

Playing in Illustrator now and made some more changes. Still need to keep cleaning it up.

Cleaned up some in Photoshop and changed a couple things. I will take into Illustrator tomorrow. 

Inked in the piece and now need to clean up on computer.  

Updated Saturday May 25 4:30 pm EST.

I realize I still need to finish the label itself so note this is still in a draft stage.

ROUGH IDEAS FOR PACKAGING - Going back to my mood board I realized I first liked the idea of the poison bottle so I am leaning towards a concept like this.

Thinking will ask if in a store for people to recycle bottles so I can reuse in exchange or a button or sticker or change. 

Also thinking the the label could be a sticker too and just charge a little more.

Just thought too that non-profits could use to make money. You buy and either get something, do something or give to them some amount of money (person buying chooes amount but minimum like 5 dollars)

Message inside could also say won a t-shirt or something else. Just an example.


I recently met Tor Norretrander, a demark physicist and journalist when we both gave a keynote at an innovation conference in January. He talked about happiness being achieved from the unexpected whether it be bad or good, that it is the element of surprise, the things we cannot control that make us happy. It just dawned on me that is one reason these kinds of "surprise products can work. 

I also thought I can put up an online presence that shares possible things you might be asked to do, get and give. But that it would be really run by those who purchase the risk. They could share their videos, stories and interact about what they got or did. 

I'm getting excited thinking of all the potential this could have. Especially if tied to ways to make a difference in the World and our communities. Your odds of doing something for the good would be higher than getting something material back in hand is my thought but in reality the real gift is how you feel doing something for others or taking a small risk doing something beyond your comfort zone to grow as a person. This gives you the incentive and permission to do it and shares a small start. It is a game too. 

Updated on Saturday May 25

Although to want to make t-shirts, stickers, and other products working on this project has pulled out some buried ideas again. Remember "grab bags"? The brown bags you'd buy as a kid that you didn’t know what was in them until you bought them? I was thinking part of what you are buying is the "unknown" the "risk" like those vomit, grass, sour milk jelly beans that came out a few years back.

When thinking about this branding, I guess working back wards, I thought how do you sell a small piece of "risk" that doesn't really have potential to harm. 

Right now, I'm taking the design and creating a opaque bag (maybe just print on and use the cheap old brown lunch bags like were used years ago) and tie it with thick string in shape of noose, if not to morbid.

Brainstorming what fun things to put in them and keep retail produce cheap.


Maybe could also tie back in some way to helping others. Im leaning towards it being a mix of a "truth or dare" type concept where the bag contains something you either win or commit to do to help someone else like "hand a stranger a dollar" or "donate 5 or more to a  kick start project" or something silly like "dance in store, video tape and post it" or maybe they win a sticker or t-shirt. 

Point is you are buying the adrenaline rush of the risk and having fun in a safe way

Love to hear your thoughts!!!

Update Friday May 24

Playing around with colors.

Here's another rough sketch. Updated Friday, 5/24.

First sketch

T-Shirt/Sticker Idea 

I had an idea for a t-shirt and started to play around with illustrating it but never finished it so I thought it might be a good project to practice on for this class. 

Mood Board


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