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Let beggars match with beggars

I usually draw fan art of animation and cartoons that have models to draw from, so this course is entirely a new world to me. So I enrolled, because I think it's about time for me to try some creative kind of thing, which I'm very bad at.

When I read this beggars one I sketched the first picture, I thought I can give it a try so I kept developing this till I got the sketch on the right side.


Well I draw this in Photoshop cause I love Photoshop :D

There're actually some more sketches about other idoms, I think I can give those one more try in a less straight forward way, you know, the editorial kind of style.


So this is the traced and colored version in illustrator with simple coloring. Once again I found that my composition is super weak and this looks kind of cliche, but whatev, it was my first try.


After some editing in Photoshop, I got my final image. It looks a bit weird, and the trash moutain is ugly haha. Anyway, done with it!

Thanks a ton, Mikey! I wouldn't have try AI if I didn't watch your video, I thought the software was too complicated for me. It was a super fun project and you look like a cool guy in the video :D

I'll update after I draw the second idiom :P


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