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Let You Heart Lead You

It's a journey about the new found passion and chasing the dreams. 

About 2 year ago, I finally got into something that I always wanted to try - learn how to SURF. And, just like all the surfers, I got completely hooked. Started from that day, surfing became the thing that I wanna do every day when I wake up.

Let me explain why is this story can be a bit extraordinary :) 

I'm from a little tropical island in Asia called - Taiwan. Though, it's surrounding by the ocean, there are a lot of people who don't know how to swim. And, I am of them. Yes, I surf, but I don't know how to swim!! ( Still can't swim!! XD)

Because I was so keen to learn everything about surfing, I did what I can to improve my technique and knowledge. Unfortunately, surfing wasn't a big scene in Taiwan, so it wasn't easy to get all the information that I want.  I googled everything, watched heaps of YouTube videos, and read online surf magazines, etc.

3 months after, a simple surf film fired up the passion inside of me. I decided to follow my heart and go on an adventure – “move to the world famous surfing town of Gold Coast.” To experience the surf culture, the lifestyle, to meet those surfers I only get to see on the media, and to see how far I can go in surfing.    

I quit my job, bought a one way ticket, packed my whole life in a suitcase, and started a new adventure in Australia. :)

The heart is the compass, let it lead your way...

 The journey continues... coming soon...


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