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Let There Be Light

March 22, 2015

Hello classmates! I'm pretty new to actually sharing my projects on skillshare (this is my second one). But I'd love feedback of what I have done so far!

I decided to create a pattern from lamps and bulbs. I love the shapes of different lamps, lampshades, and bulbs. And I like the contrast of what can be organic shapes (bulbs) to geometric shapes (lampshades).

Firstly, I created a moodboard.

Then I did some sketches.

Then I created the pattern. Along the way I got inspired by The Jetsons, for some reason. I like the Googi style of architecture they had and wanted to use that in my pattern.

Here's my initial pattern block. I added some color, but it just doesn't seem right to me. Color is always hard for me. Anyways, I'd love any thoughts or comments you may have. And after seeing this, I may have to go in an entirely different direction. Maybe something more classic and detailed. Unsure, but can't wait to hear what you guys think! Thank you!


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