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Let Down Your Hair

Being able to edit in new ways is extremely exciting to me. Learning new methods to create something solely on my iphone is an interesting new skill to learn. When looking through some of the photos I had taken to Disneyland this summer, the photo below sort of struck me.

"What story does this picture tell you?"

Many answers came to mind. Hopefully, through my edits I'll be able to at least pin a few of the thoughts that crossed my mind that relate to the story that Tangled depicts.

With this part of the lesson, the app used for this edit took a couple of tries to get the hang of what I really wanted to do. With that in mind, I think I was able to get what I wanted to convey. I love the idea that I can make the font colors blend.

The app used for this edit was more direct in what it was capable of producing. So in that mind set, I wanted to try to be more direct with what was being said.

The next lesson was a bit tougher for me since I don't use too many collage frames. If I do, it usually only consists of two slots. There were so many ways to experiment with the idea of how we normally do collages through the app I used for this edit. This time around, I was inspired by picking out some of the details that make the photo special. I also used some filters to get the best color I could out of the images. Don't know if it worked or not...but I really like the gold adornment in the right hand corner.

With this next edit, I have to say has been one of the best I think (maybe I'll change my mind later...but we'll see). This is the first time I have been able to curve letters like I would in Photoshop....but in an IPHONE APP!! Very cool thing in my book. Keeping with the story being told, here is the edit.

I love, love, love, love, love using filters. I think they offer a touch of something magical that no one can ever capture (unless they use Photoshop or another photo editing program). In this edit, I tried to keep it simple. No Text. Just the filter and a bit of texture.

With this edit I went a bit off the grid and used an app I use often but tried to keep with the feel of what the lesson had taught. I did use text this time, only because it was appropriate.

It was interesting to see what you could do when the app your using crosses two photos. It was great to see I could do something that I normally have to play with on Photoshop on my iPhone. Here's the edit.

All this time I had never known of the term Bokeh. I just thought it was some type of filter someone had created to make photos look pretty.... With this edit, I hyped up the color and used some icons from the film (or a version of them) 

Both of the last edits were created through at least 2-3 of the apps we learned over this course. I decided to use scenes from the film (or paintings of them) in order to drive the point home.

Thanks for checking out my edits!!


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