Lessons - student project

How I discovered anime


  • Hector and I walking around Sierra Real on a boring summer day.
  • Debora, the girl I crushed on for years.
    • Question she made me if I knew anime.
  • Remembered the show I used to watch every morning before school, but couldn't remember the name.
  • Spent some time trying to remember the name until I finally did after a lot of minutes.
    • Inuyasha
  • Got really excited about the whole scenario and once I got home went and downloaded a lot of episodes through pirate bay.
  • Fell in love with the series again.
  • By august starting school I enter Netflix while in class. See an anime section. Click on an anime as a joke with friends because it had guns and girls. Fell in love with angel beats and with anime as a whole.


How did I feel?

  • I felt excited throughout the whole process. Being reminded of Debora and then falling in love with Inuyasha was all new and exciting.
  • Finding out what Angel Beats was and watching the series was pure adrenaline and excitement.
  • Felt a bittersweet sadness once I finished Angel Beats and I wanted more content. Eventually met people who also loved anime and they gave me recommendations. It was all very exciting once more.

Who did I influence?

  • I basically influenced my whole group of friends. I literally converted to anime my best friend and a lot of others. Even got Marie into anime and it was all because of me. At school I even created a short lived manga club. I was an influencer.

Did I enjoy this time?

  • Yes I did. It was a time where I felt like an adventurer.

Is there anything you would've changed?

  • Yes. I feel like I became far too obsessed and that now, at my 21 years of age, I'm finally letting it go a bit to live more in the real world.


Free Writing

The light of the sun was especially bright today, and its beams were pleasurably piercing through my skin. I found myself pacing aimlessly with my best friend through the neighborhood street. Looking at the sky we spoke about the mundane, and enjoyed it throughout. We were bored in a long summer day. We had skated for a few hours, and yet no one else had arrived to accompany us that day. We spoke for speakings sake and entertained ourselves while at it. I was lost in a random daydream when the sudden excitement of Hector broke through the image.

"Hey what happened with that girl you told me about?"

"What girl?" I asked.

"The one you went on and on that one time!"

"When?" I asked again.

"I don't remember, it was a while ago though. Man you had one insane crush on that girl".

This went on for about five more minutes as we brainstormed through various names and different times in which I had talked to my best friend about a girl. The mystery girl had my curiosity racing fast in wonder and for the first time that day, I was genuinely excited. Who was she? If I truly had such a big crush for her, why couldn't I remember her? I kept trying to figure it out until finally he smiled gleefully at the remembrance of her name.

"Debora! That was her name!" said Hector with achievement.

"Oh my God! You're right I was head over heels for that girl. Wow! I haven't seen her since two years ago. I wonder how she is..." I wondered.

"So you haven't spoken to her recently huh? I was hoping for an update of sorts" he said jokingly while bumping my arm.

"No, no I haven't..."

I was dazed. How could I forget her? The very mention of her name activated a hidden switch in my mind which triggered all the different memories I experienced with her. Nostalgia filled my soul in an instant. I was only 14 years old, but it felt as if I had grown so very old as I vividly observed those memories with rose tints. One of those memories stuck out the most.

"Hey Hector, did I ever tell you about the time I hanged out with her for most of the day and she asked me if I watched some sort of specific cartoon?"

"Nah. You never told me about that"

And so I proceeded to entertain him with my story.

"Well as you recall, I met her in the summer camp from school. Since the summer camp lasted about a month or so, I tried my best to divide my time evenly between different people and, of course, I prioritized any time I could spend with her. One day I saw her drawing while we were on the basketball court playing different sorts of sports. I went and sat down with her and asked her about the drawings. She said it was something called anime. I had no idea what it was, but I told her I loved her art and carried on playing soccer with some friends. When we moved out to the next activity, I managed to catch her going down the stairs with her drawings. She dropped some papers and I used the opportunity to start some conversation. I asked her if she managed to finish them to which she replied that she rarely does. I was stuck on how to proceed with the conversation when she asked me: 'Hey have you ever watched any anime? And for the love of God, don't say Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh or I will literally smack you'."

"Whoa" my friend chuckled. "That's a little bit aggressive."

"Yeah" I snickered playfully. "It's part of the fun I suppose, she was always rough around the edges like that".

"I mean if you like that whatever man" he replied apologetically. "What were you saying?"

"Oh right. So she asked me that question and I was shut silent. I had no idea what an anime was, but I also didn't want to admit it. I realized that it had something to do with the art style. Asked some questions and then she said something key to figuring it out. She said that some of the cartoons that are broadcasted in the morning through Cartoon Network were anime. With that sentence I instantly remembered a show I would watch in every morning before going to school. It broadcast around 6:30am, but I couldn't remember the name. I wanted to answer her so badly I kept breaking my head over it; just like we did now trying to remember her name. Only this time it took far longer. I spent an entire day bro, an entire day, trying to remember the name of the series simply to try and have something in common we could bond over. It's insane when you think about it. The cool thing is that by the end of that summer camp day, I remembered!"

"What was the show called?" my friend asked.

"Crap I forgot."

He started laughing at the irony and I chuckled along. Luckily I remembered in a matter of seconds.

"It was called Inuyasha!" I yelled.

"Inuyasha? Huh. Never heard of it."

"Yes! That's the name! Wow! I used to watch that show every morning and it was so beautiful..."

And with that sentence came a lot of vivid memories of me being engaged with the show since the third grade and never being able to follow the story line along. All I knew was that they had to find some pearls, and that the main romance interest was beautiful. If I was full of nostalgia while telling Hector the Debora story, now I was drowning with it. For some reason, at fourteen years of age, I find myself loving the bittersweet taste of reliving the past through my memories. This momentary nostalgia was soon replaced with great zeal, for I felt adventure in rediscovering Inuyasha once more.

Once I went home for lunch I immediately browsed online where I could get the episodes. Boring summer days were of no trouble anymore. I download all 167 chapters and began to binge on them as I lunched. It was magical, it was different. Anime entered to my life today because of a short friendly conversation about a girl I crushed on two years prior. I find that amazing. Hell, I even find it beautiful. Many memories flooded me and many thoughts in response as well, but if anything stuck with me as I went to sleep, it was that human interactions are a miracle of nature; and I never want to loose the privilege of exercising that miracle.


Character Freewriting

Three Characters:


- He's a young boy who's very romantic. By that I mean that he tends to fall into romantic fantasies and that he has an overall romanticist view of the world filled with a yearning for beauty and nostalgia.

- He's a natural extrovert, but tends to speak far too much for his own good. Very charismatic and has the capability of motivating others to do something with insistence.

- He has ADHD and therefore can sometimes get far too excited and turn off certain individuals who clash with his personality.

- Very loyal person who values good and evil and is very careful of what he fears.

- He's athletic and had a good skinny build because of it. His energetic side allows him to use this to his advantage, even though he will be very lazy if not interested in said activity.

- Likes to make himself the protagonist of a story and outshine others. At the same time he has empathy for those he loves and wants them to shine as him, although he can get envious if they outshine him constantly.

- Forgetful, but remembers anything he considers of great importance.

- Has a desire of wanting to be unique and will often do very unpractical things to achieve it.

- Dresses very... original. Yet he always has back up outfits to fit in with a crowd.

- Tries to be weird on purpose and not fit in, on purpose.


  • Two years older than the protagonist and his best friend.
  • A kid who loves adventure, but lets his fears get the best of him.
  • Comes from a catholic household that's strict, but not downright mean.
  • He can be very dismissive and at the same time incredibly watchful and attentive.
  • Has a hidden passion for biographies and self help.
  • He's very shy, but can be incredibly confident when is required.
  • Not much of an athlete, but will play any sport as long as he's invited.
  • His personality is very different of that of the protagonist, more of an introvert. This works sometimes, others not so much.
  • Smirky and does puns.
  • Likes to joke around when someone is story telling to enhanced the mood.


  • Quirky
  • Funny
  • Weird
  • Beautiful all around and of very small stature (4'11).
  • Loves anime and geeky things.
  • Prides herself in not being like "other girls".
    • A secret desire to wanting to be unique and different.
  • Can be very sassy and quick to rage.
  • Has a low key depression and is naturally very introverted.
    • When pulled out of her introverted space, she's one of the most talkative and fun persons in the room.
  • Loves teasing the protagonist.
  • She loved doing creative outfits and make ups, even from a young age.
  • Afraid of being backstabbed.
  • Smug by nature


Showing vs. Telling Assignment 

Julez opened his eyes to a glaring light that shone far to bright for his iris to tolerate. He laid in bed and shifted his body to the opposite direction. He thought about sleeping a couple more hours and at the same time, he thought about getting some breakfast. Realizing his indecisiveness would lead him nowhere, he got up and closed the curtains. He walked in half darkness towards the light switch and gave artificial light to his room. He then raised his arms high, engaging the sound of his bones, and said in a quite temple voice: "Guess I'm awake now".

He walked out and peeked into his mother's room. Realizing she was still asleep his shoulders went down as he gently closed the door, using his finger to make sure no noise was made. He slouched back into his room, sat in front of the monitor and turned the computer on. He kept stretching his neck as he usually does while opening his favorite game up until that point, Skyrim.

Julez lived in Cayey, Puerto Rico, a country like town near the center south of Puerto Rico. The Neighborhood he lived in was situated through the path of a mountainous formation that was part of La Cordillera Central. It had a nice climate by definition, and this was true of most of the town, but there was something nice about being in the mountains. The occasional smell of cow manure wasn't it though. An hour or two passed by as Julez engaged in his second life. Immersed as he tends to be, he didn't hear the sounds made in the kitchen. He simply swayed the mouse and typed on the keyboard as he controlled his second body with excitement. Just as he was beginning a dangerous encounter, Julez felt a cold sensation upon his upper shoulder and jumped at the touch.

-"Jules, wake up." - His Mother called.

-"Don't scare me like that! I was about to engage in battle."

-"It's far too early to be playing that."

-"It's summer break, what does it matter?"

To this reply his mother simply sighed and proceeded to ask:

-"What do you want for breakfast?"

-"Give me a second. I don't know. Maybe Pancakes."

-"But you had pancakes about two days ago."

Julez eye twitched and his grasp of the mouse tightened at the sound of those words. After two seconds of silence he proceeded to reply:

-"In that case you choose what'd you'd like to eat, I'll eat whatever you want."

-"I'll make some oatmeal, okey?"

-"Yeah, sure." he replied.

His mother took leave and Julez reengaged the dangerous encounter.

After playing for about an hour more, and having some breakfast, Julez found himself quenching for real adventure. Sure, fantasy role-playing videogames were all good and fun, but to him, it simply fell short to real life. He looked at his phone, and saw that it was still too early to call his best friend, Harry. He picked up the phone regardless and placed a call. It rang for a couple seconds, and the call wasn't answered. And so he picked up the phone once more. After ringing for another couple of long seconds, the call was answered.


-"Hello?" a tired voice answered with slight disturbance.

-"Good morning sleeping beauty, how are you?"

-"Sleeping...? Fuck you mate, you woke me up."

-"Oh don't say that as if it's a bad thing! You had to wake up sooner or later, isn't it better to be woken up by me than by your mom?"

-"hmmmm, it depends really. You won't make me breakfast."

-"Solid point there. Well, anyways, want to hang out after you've had a proper breakfast? I've been awake since 7 a.m. and I'm already bored here at home."

-"I don't know man, I think I'll hang around at the late afternoon."

-"What? why?" - Julez answered with a sing-song whiny voice.

-"I'll tell you later ok? First I have to wake up and check to see if my parents haven't made any plans for today."

-"Ok, fine. But call me back once you've done that! Also. you won't believe what happened to me on Skyrim this morning, you're gonna laugh your ass off".

-"I better after waking me up this early."

-"Oh please stop being such a bitch and get up already. Take care bro, call me later".


As Julez dismissed the call he left out a heavy sigh while dropping his shoulders.

-"Well I'm not gonna wait for him to wake the fuck up." he said to himself as he got close to his wardrobe.

Once properly dressed, he kissed his mother goodbye, grabbed his skateboard and almost ran to the nearby basketball court.


Desire + Obstacle Assignment (by this point I want to write a different story)


  • Manny
  • Andrew

Common Goal: Fixing the car


Andrew → Wants Manny to face his resentment and not only distract himself and wants to fix the car while having fun.

Manny -> Wants to fix the car


The car has a clutch problem they have to fix in order to get to a car meet in the evening. 

Manny → Is a very closed self righteous person who doesn't like to be proven wrong.