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Lessons of a Lipstick Queen

Hello everybody,

first: please excuse my English. I am from Germany and might make some mistakes with spelling/grammar.

I decided to make a dropcap for the book I am reading right now: Lessons of a Lipstick Queen by Poppy King.

The book basically tells Australian Poppy`s (real) story of becoming an entrepreneur at the age of nineteen with her own lipstick brand. She tells how the idea first popped to her mind when she started to paint her face and wondered, why there was no matte lipstick out there. In it´s core the book is about how to make your dreams happen by deciding of doing so and then breaking it down in small doable steps.

Here are my keywords:

lipstick, red, matte, film star, diva, dream, career, network, research, poppy, human, modern, foot in the door, break into business, Sidney, "down under" New York, Barneys, manufacturing, lipstick-making, to form, journey.

So on to my (very basic, sorry!) sketches:

No 1: It is about "opening doors" and "getting a foot in the door". I wanted to keep the style very un-flourish-y" cause that´s not how poppy is. She seems very straight forward. But I also wanted a reference to the basic shape of art deco - cause that reminds me a lot of the diva-era. 

No 2: This is all about how her research and influences from all sides "formed" the final product: the lipstick. And also about the goop she talks about that they were making in the factory. They werde mixing chemicals and poured them into molds - which formed the prototypes of her lipsticks. The flowing forms would going to be shades of red.

No 3: This is about Poppys journey from a place in Australia (where she comes from) to the big warehouses of New York (Barneys). Australia is represented by the Sidney opera and New York by the skyline. New York is upside down, because from an Australians perspective USA is "down under". The condesation trail of the airplane is supposed to be like drawn with a lipstick.

I am having a hard time incorporating my figural elements with the actual letter. Maybe I am trying to include too many aspects. I am afraid I am concentrating too much on the "clothes" of the letter, rather than it´s "bones".I find it hard to come up with a clean but not basic letter "skeleton". Flipping through the other students projects didn´t help much, as most of the are very floral and swoosh-y - and that style doesn´t fit my topic. So now I am kindly asking for your advice.

I decided to keep the idea of "stepping into the business" and "opening doors". So here is my first dropcap:


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