Lessons My Father Taught Me

My dad had the rare combination of understanding people, common sense, and a great sense of humor. He saw the world through a lens of humor. If somebody was driving too slowly, he would smile and say, "Look, that person is taking his car for a walk." If some was talking but not making any sense, he would smile and say, "He talks but says nothing."

My dad taught my brother and I a set of lessons that has helped us live an enjoyable life. I'm sharing these lessons with you in my book, Lessons My Father Taught Me, to make your life happier and more enjoyable. 

One of my dad's lessons was - To give them the roses while they can smell them. He would get angry when people praised someone when they died. He would say, "They should have told him (or her) how they felt when he (or she) was alive. Give them the roses while they can smell them!"

Lessons My Father Taught Me will be available as an ebook at the beginning of April. While I hope you buy it, if not, please give the people.in your life the roses while they can smell them.


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