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Lesson from the Hands

     For this short story, I chose to write about my “hands”. I’m right-handed, I do everything with the right most of my growing up life.

     I worked as data entry in the 1990s, back then ergonomic in the office wasn’t advance or guidance enough. I got hurt, these fingers got tingling and every time I made a fist, those fingers had a hard time opened up. Overtime, it’s getting worse and then I went to see the doctors, they ran a test and told me that I have a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Ok, so how are we going to treat or subdue the pain that bothers me all the time? I have a hard time using small objects because it gets painful so quickly and there’s time the pain increased to the point I wanted to chop the hand off. I don’t like taking pain medicine. People are addicted to painkillers and I will not be one of them. In the end, I made a decision to have laser surgery, the doctor told me and with the Google Search to find out about this treatment, the percentage to have it heals completely was slim, but there is 50/50 chance will reduce the pain.

     I went through with the surgery; it was so painful after the drug out of my system. I could not use my right to do anything on the first day especially you are right handed and had to depend on the left now. I was so struggled with writing with the lefty and used chopsticks. Yes, I’m Asian, eating with chopsticks most of the meals. However, eating wasn’t important with the chopsticks deal. Doing homework to hand it in a week, writing and typing were challenging back then. But somehow, the more I pushed myself to use left hand to accomplish that assignment was amazing. It was difficult for the first 30 minutes of writing, but it also helped me concentrate on an extreme level that I totally forgot all the pain and I’m in my own world until my mother knocked on the door.

     Till these day, injured has never healed, however, I still continued on using the left hand when the right needs rest.


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