Lesson 3 & 4 & 6 & 7 & 8

Lesson 3:

1. I have moon in gemini. For me it explains a lot why i love to talk about random things, sharing ideas, hangout but just with one person or small group. It's still chatty gemini energy but in more private-mode. Because it's moon, means i just show this quality to people i trust and comfortable to talk to. 

2. Mercury in Pisces. It makes so much sense when i look back to my childhood memories, my IQ test is quite good (highest in my family), but my academic record is not appealing as my IQ score, especially in math and physic. At first i thought "it's just me who lazy", but after i saw that 'abstraction score" made my IQ score is high, it explains a lot why i always drawing, making crafts, day-dreaming. I'm so relieved i chose the right path (i studied art in university) when i find out my mercury sign, the dreamy pisces.

Lesson 4:

1. My gemini moon in 2nd house, so it's a mix energy between curious gemini and something in my possession. I always love to collect things. Since kids, i like to collect soap packaging (one product commonly came in many variant), postal stamps. It gives me the urge to experience many ways to invest money when compared to my friends who many of them very hesitant when it comes to investment and managing finance with uncommon methods.

2. My pisces mercury in 10 house. For now i'm still enjoying my career as graphic designer. It's always been my dream to work in art department. I just don't want to be a specialist in design, I want to find another career path using this pisces mercury energy, like as an astrologer, because when communicate with somebody, i can feel and understand what they feel.

Lesson 6:

1. My moon in gemini square saturn in pisces. I still don't know what part of my self which resemble that kind of aspect. What i found familiar are the moon resembles what kind of mother figure we had, and saturn is all about restriction, discipline. All i know my mom got that saturnian qualities, it made me frustated. In addition my moon also square mars. She always hard on me and my siblings, she taught us to do chores, to be discipline, easily angered if we break her rules.

2. My pisces mercury conjunct saturn in pisces. I always love drawing and crafting since kid, that is all I did back in my childhood. But no matter how hard I tried, I never win any art competition. It really made me questioning my self since kid, am I talented or just have interest in artistic matter? I find it always hard for me to present my ideas so other people could understand.

Lesson 7:

My Taurus Ceres in 1st house. I can relate to this placement so much. I love gardening, cooking, I adopted 3 stray cats and treat them like my own children. I know theres a lot of motherly passion in my self.

Lesson 8:

My mercury in 0 degree pisces. So for me, i can understand how i could not control my passion in drawing, daydreaming, lose focus in class, easily distracted by my own imagination. It is hard for me to concentrate in lesson i didn't like.