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Lesson 2, Geometry & Lines

Lesson2, Geometry&Lines

1.Self portait 

I took this photo of myself in a old train station. There are always a lot of geometry & lines elements happened there. However I wasn't very confidence of taking selfpotrait in a public area, as sometimes people were looking at me curiously.

2. In the grass field

Another self potrait, it was about to rain,at that time. I was hesitant to step inside this long grass field. It was a bit hard to walk inside and I have to be careful not to damage them. 

3.Julia and Judy

Julia, the elder sister who doesn't like to have any photo of her. Judy, the younger sister who is a poser and enjoy being photographed. I was behind the girls and thinking to take a photo of their back. Suddently, Julia turned back and said "Let's have a photo".

4.strawberries picking

These girls love strawberries.Who doesn't like fresh big juicy sweet strawberries?!

5.lavender farm 

Lowrance always gives me a cold face,no matter how I try to please him. In front of his parents, he's a cheeky monkey

Lesson 1, Intro to Composition project

1.Inside the cathedral

I was thinking about Symmetry and leading line. It was really dark inside the cathedral, the photo looks a bit blur. 

2. Subject isolation

I love to include sky as part of the background. When I am out, I like to look for the spot and angle, that I can include my suject and sky in my photo.


3. Bridge

When I saw this bridge, I was thinking to try the leading line

4. grandpa

My grandpa wants me to take a photo of him, when he was mowing the lawn


5. Little boy

This little boy was trying to open the gate to show me his finding. 


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