Lesson 1: My soul bonded Tarot Decks

Lesson 1: My soul bonded Tarot Decks - student project

My first deck purchased for me was Rider Waite which was my, hit the books and study deck, because I realized I couldn't do a reading on intuition alone. Knowledge is power and Rider was my new pathway directional deck. I was drawn to ViceVersa and the Light Seers Tarot decks because of the vibrant art and versatility the decks offered. I love the sexual magic tarot for the tasteful gorgeous artwork and the clear sexual energy it brings into readings.

Lesson 1: My soul bonded Tarot Decks - image 1 - student project

Although I actually wanted to talk about the Steampunk Tarot I purchased because I liked the steampunk look but for a good few weeks I was under the assumption that I bought the wrong deck or I just couldn't bond with it. Until one day I decided to give it another try when I was randomly drawn to it for clarity on a reading. I still can't believe all the very different energies and stories I had been able to pull out of that deck. Every reading was a different and flowed out so clearly I just had to choose this deck for my project because I still tend to impress myself. I am one to question myself or I'll say maybe I'm not objective enough to read my own cards because confidence has been a ongoing battle for me emotionally. 

Bella Trombetta
Divine Feminine Intuitive Empath Healer