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Lesson 1: 8 Principles and Before Images

Part 1: 8 Principles of Styling

Part 2: Before images

Bookshelf: Located at the end of our kitchen island across from the dining room table. It is the first thing most people see when them enter our home from the front door. It has a tendency to get very cluttered. 

Needs: Store frequently used recipe books and basic homework supplies (pencils, calculator, glue, scissors)

TV Console: Stores DVD player, stereo, Wii and games. 

Needs: Center speaker for audio system and wifi modem live on top. They are there to stay :( Located next to a high traffic outside door. Gets very dusty, very fast. Can't have too much stuff to dust around. 

Sofa: Outdated, wornout sofa that desparately needs to be replaced. It is the almost permanant spot for our 18 year old dog. 

Needs: Cozy spot to read, chat and watch TV. Snuggly space for dog. 

I didn't include a photo of our coffee table. It is round with a uber traditional curved legs and a beautiful limestone top. I keep it empty because it is used to build legos, draw, play games and prop feet. It's not a space I want to fill. I may work on our fireplace mantle instead. 

Bed: Located near the entryway so it is seen by visitors. Tends to be a dark space. 

Needs: Easy to tidy up quickly. Storage for books. Lots of books. Space for charging phones and kindles. Art over the bed. 


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