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Less than amusing watercolors yay!

So I have been watercoloring for a little bit with little talent. So finally I decided to take this course. I learned how to suck less woooot!

Here is the value chart.

For the flat wash I went with this blue. Then for the graded wast I started with that blue containing less water initially.

The problem that I was having though was that I felt that the "darker" paint kept getting pushed to the lighter side. So if I would not have dragged it out so far, there would be an abrupt set of spots along the edge with darker color.

here is my set of blended colors.

At the top one i started with a red, then while still pretty wet i went over it with a very diluted green. 

On the second one i started with yellow. As it was finishing drying I went over it with a gree. 

At the bottom I did greeen on left. yellow on the right. Then blended them at the middle. 

For my complementary I did a blue and red at the top. Then at the bottom I did a green and orange which came out far darker than I anticipated. 

Here is my set with salt. 

It totally looks like Green had the biggest reaction to the salt. Blue was unimpressed.

I tested red. At the bottom, the left is no salt at all. On the right it is salt added when wet. In the center it was added when it was pretty much dry. So something in the read seems to almost dissolve and absorb the salt evenly? 

here are my clouds. What a fail. 

here is my still life. I did not have a pretty apple, so I used a celery (stop judging me haha)


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