Less Fat More Weight


Years ago, when I was in college, I finally go to the point where I was tired enough of being intimidated by the gym that I actually took a weight training class.  Its one of the best decisions I ever made. It did not eliminate all my insecurities but it gave me enough of a push to get over the initial intimidation factor of walking into a crowded gym and making some space for myself.  Over the next several years I fought that insecurity, sometimes successfully and for months at a time unsuccessfully.  Finally, I'm to the point where the gym feels like home and the only intimidation factor is whether or not I'm going to be able to handle the weight I want to move that day. 

So why this 101 class if I'm some veteran (using that term pretty loosely)? Because one of the first things I learned about fitness is: there's always more to learn and its usually the basics that slip first.  So I'm here to polish myself and learn as much as I can from everyone.  Dick and Brian have created an amazing community over at Fitocracy and its kept me more consistently motivated then anything else I've ever come across.  These guys know fitness and they know how to keep it basic and understandable.  So I'm ready to learn new things and relearn the things I've forgotten and let slip.  If you're not doing the 101 level every day you're probably not making steady progress.


  • Bring my bodyfat level down between 8 and 10% (I have no illusions (illusions Michael!) about how difficult this is going to be with my diet for I am a fat kid at heart)
  • Consistently increase the amount of weight I can move in the big four (Overhead Press, Deadlift, Bench Press and SQUATZ) to the point where I'm able to move a combined total of 1000lbs between them all.
  • Have more fun outside the gym with sports (Mountain Bike, Surf, SUP, Rock Climbing, Yoga


  • Bring prepared food to work, Decide on a daily caloric intake and use MyFitnessPal to track it, If applicable use Lean Gains
  • Wendler's 5/3/1 ( I love this routine so much)
  • Plan my beach weekends with friends well in advance, Hit local Rock Climbing gym for 3 session introductory course and Belay training, Hit Yoga studio by my office for some bendy times, Ride the 10 minutes to nearby foothills and get reaquanted with speed and fear and hopefully triumph.


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