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Lesion Won/TOO/три

Class exercise 1: create lots of glitchy jpegs.

Here's what I was able to do with a combination of TextEdit and TextWrangler. I found it challenging to get something that really lit me up.

Here's what I started with:

Then I started randomly messing with text. But when I try to upload them into this page, I get this error from the site:

Anyone know why that happened?

BUT, I opened it in Preview and did a screen capture. That I could post. Here:

So, cut to the end... here are the final 2 images I made:


Here is the GIF:


What I started with:

2 steps later:

Step 6:

My fave, step 8:

step 11 is kind of cool

And finally step 17

And as an animated GIF:

I did a little more databending in audacity. I was determined to use the image that was giving me trouble. Here's what happened:

Starting image:

adding echo in audacity (love this!):

Then compressor:

Then a hard limiter:

Then I put it thru HexFiend:

Then that went back into audacity and some cut/copy/paste:

Then I warbled the envelope:

Added GVerb:

A high pass filter:

Then I reversed it:

That didn't do too much interesting, so I added distortion:

And, because I've grown so fond of the animated gif:

Now it was well and truly bent beyond recognition.


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