Les Learning Leaf Wreath

Les Learning Leaf Wreath - student project

I will try to play around with it more tomorrow, but the skills of building brushes, custom brushes and a wreath template was so  helpful and useful. For some reason, my colors came out with some transparent effect to you. I looked everywhere in file and couldn't figure it out. The colors are much lighter and not what I was going for, but the design is about right.  Thank you Helen so much, I appreciate you. Les Learning Leaf Wreath - image 1 - student project

So this one, the leaf was black, I don't know why it came out with a lower opacity, but I don't mind the the grey. I love the berries effect that Helen taught.


Les Learning Leaf Wreath - image 2 - student project

Les Learning Leaf Wreath - image 3 - student project

Here's the leaf and flower I intended.

Final design - without figuring out color issue. I changed the brush color for flowers to yellow since I couldn't figure out why it turned a light magenta.

Les Learning Leaf Wreath - image 4 - student project