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Steve St. Pierre

Art Director



Les Gars

Les Gars is a Men's t-shirt brand for the weekend gentleman. I wouldn't consider LG to be a 'streetwear brand.' Les Gars is meant to take it easy on the guys who put enough effort into their weekly garb, and allows them to relax with a hit of style on the weekend.

Our influences are a combination of classic literature - think Kerouac, Hemingway - and the modern workhorse of a gentleman in every sense of the word. A guy that can fix a car but is also willing to sit down with his daughter for tea.

Essentially, we're a 30-somethings who've grown up in love with streetwear culture, but our brand is growing up alongside us.

I have two ideas that I'm debating focusing on for this project.


Famous Last Words

This shirt line has two potential angles (and maybe both will be explored at a certain point). The first concept is simply recreating the last page of classic novels (found in the public domain) and print them on a shirt. They will be uniquely typeset in a typeface reminicient of the time the book was printed with a very slight texture applied to show some age.

The idea isn't to do large type, but rather a large block of small type, treating the text as more of a texture as opposed to reading material.


The second idea relating to famous last words is simply to find quotes from people of note as they are on their death bed and either hand-letter or typeset them on a tee. The concept is to encourage people to live hard with the time they have, but also to acknowledge the reality that in due time we will all suffer the same fate. 

Here are some of my favourite quotes that could be featured:

"This dying is boring." - Richard Feynman
"Tomorrow, at sunrise, I shall no longer be here." - Nostradamus
"A dying man can do nothing easy." - Benjamin Franklin


The Layer Shirt

The second concept for the initial Les Gars t-shirt line is the layer shirt. The idea is that these shirts are meant to be worn undearneath standard oxford-style shirts, but they provide a hit of colour or texture that will intriuge the eye. 

Not unlike wearing a necktie or colourful socks to show your personality during the workweek, these shirts are meant for the button-down days, the casual Fridays, where the top two buttons of your oxford are undone, perhaps revealing the top half of a large red circle on a white shirt, or revealing a warm yellow line going down the centre of the torso.

It's a simple concept, but one I've yet to see executed well.


There are other ideas, as well, that include embroidery as well as taking textured photocopied photos and applying them to shirts, but the two ideas mentioned here are the ones I think I'll pursue first. Any feedback on the initial ideas would be great. Looking forward to mocking up some concepts over the next few days.


Decided to expand on the layer shirt and bring in a floral print on top, creating an interesting mask over the floral print, creating the impression that the floral is tucked into the red.



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