Shadow Sojourn

Feel free to guess.



Leonora Kaiser - Act 1 Structure

Hook: Leo meets Lily

► Leo is drinking in a bar

► Leo sees news of another drug overdose

► Leo walks home but knows she’s being followed

► Leo confronts Lily

► Lily convinces Leo to speak with her


Backstory: Leo and Lily have a conversation

► Leo offers her hospitality

► Lily confesses to knowing of Leo

► Lily describes her backstory

► Leo lets slip some of her past

► Lily explains her suspicions about the crime


Trigger: Leo is told of the similarities between this case and the one that took Rosemary from her.

► Leo agrees to meet Lily the next day

► Leo has an emotional breakdown from confronting the past that she hasn’t let go of

► Leo drinks herself to sleep and has a nightmare about Rosemary


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