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Leonardo Dicaprio's movies.

Hello, my name is Andrew and after the ceremony «Oscar» and this course i decided to create icons to most popular Leo Dicaprio's movies :)




So here i write my favorite movies with him and added a few for amount. You can see some general ideas about Wolf of Wall Street and other films like Djangom, Inception and etc.

The close look.




A next step to me was a research inspirational things and pallets.




I dont know why, but illustrator saves in jpg more contrast than original picture is. So here i illustrate icons for 5 films and one of Great Gatsby is not finished yet (the biggest one). Yep, Dicaprio was in Santa-Barbara. By the way, Santa-barbara and basketball diares's illustrations are more just for fun. because these icons dont really including something that refer to ideas of films.

So if u can give me an advice or criticism i'll be happy to hear it :) Also, you can help me with Gatsby's icon, i dont know that should i use green color for the light in this composition (in the movie the light from house of a Dicaprio's sweetheart was green) or it's not necessary?

I'll continue work for other films just after Gatsby's icon :)


Sorry for my english if i wrote with mistakes, English isnt my native language, so sorry, again, and thank you for your attention )


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